From Anthony Easton:
I am curating a show based on an Ed Ruscha drawing called Will 100
artists Draw A 1950 Ford From Memory.
The show is intended to
actualize what was originally intended as a conceptual piece. I want
people to draw a Ford from all kinds of memory: organic, commerical,
nostalgic, personal and others. This means that age range, gender,
geographical placement and variety of personal experiences are
important. Ruscha has given me permission, himself, and I'm really
kind of excited about this.

If you agree to participate, what I would need is a drawing on a
8.5x11 piece of basic, blank, white paper, like you would use for desk
top printing. Since this is memory it's really important that there is
no reference materials used (no pictures or films or actual Fords). It
doesn't matter how accurate the work is, just a reflection of what you
think a 1950 ford looks like.

The exhibition will be taking place in the fall of 2007 at the Art gallery of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta.

If you are interested in participating in this exhibition, Anthony can be contacted directly:

- L.M. 4-18-2007 9:55 pm

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