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Last year, Von Bark and I were honoured to be involved with the all-ages art event, The Diorama Extravaganza, organised out of Landon Library in London Ontario, by Carolyn Doyle and Jean McKay. This weekend we get to do it again and we're highly psyched. The reception and awards ceremony takes place at the library on Saturday.

The 2006 diorama above was created by a young human in a single-digit age group. I believe it was titled "Happiness" and it depicts two small people watching a cardboard television in their home. There is also a very attractive coffee table complete with taped-on film canister lid and other unique elements. During the awards ceremony, Von Bark delivered a short critique on each of the pieces. Each of the entries won top prize in its own category. I can't remember the category for the piece depicted here, but I think it might have been "Most Beautiful," or possibly, "Best Concept."

You can see each of the dioramas from last year here. Unfortunately, we were too wowed by the incredible quality of the submissions to take proper notes, so the artists' names and titles are unfortunately not included. This year we'll do better.

- sally mckay 4-19-2007 7:35 am

submissions closed?
- galenagalaxian 4-19-2007 7:46 am

Woah! The "Soviet Love Trailer"!
- r.E.c. (guest) 4-19-2007 6:36 pm

Those are awesome.
Looks like Van Gogh got the whole side of his head when he went for his ear, though. Hope he's ok.
- rob (guest) 4-19-2007 8:08 pm

Sorry galenagalaxian...next year!

Rob, I wouldn't worry too much. H˘´chi the Earless survived, and even, apparently, maintained his hearing.

- sally mckay 4-19-2007 8:14 pm

A year or two ago there was an intro clip for the Reel Asian Film Festival that was a brilliant riff on that tale, just at the moment of ear-ripping, "hoichi" wakes up, and it's his mom gently taking his headphones off his head, after he fell asleep with them on. Anyone know who did that? Or where I can see it again?
- rob (guest) 4-19-2007 11:19 pm

Oh wait, I think it was the Toronto Japanese Short Film Festival, not Reel Asian.
- rob (guest) 4-19-2007 11:21 pm

That sounds great! I want to see it too. We just watched the film Kwaidan, from 1965, which is sloooooow but worth it. Lots of groovy painted elements in the scenery, like eyeballs in the sky. The H˘´chi interpretation is fabulous, and the scary sea battle story is told through both art and enactment.

kwaidan sea battle 2

Kwaidan sea battle

- sally mckay 4-20-2007 12:02 am

The second annual Diorama Extravaganza yesterday was a huge success, owing largely to Sally and Von Bark's prize-giving and sweetly gracious curatorial remarks. I've been getting all sorts of feedback from folks about how much fun it was.
- M.Jean 4-23-2007 6:25 am

That must have been a hoot, I'm looking forward to the images and their respective categorical awards.
- L.M. 4-23-2007 7:05 am

It was a total blast. The dioramas were really incredible again this year, and everyone got a lot out them. My photos are terrible, but I'll tinker with them and hopefully get some up one of these days. For now I do have these photos, taken by Maria Doyle of juror Von Bark in action (making his awards speech), accompanied by the demented eggbasket girl.




- sally mckay 4-24-2007 12:32 am

Von Bark looks like he could be a prominent academic that they flew in from Cambridge. (he does hold forth on his field of expertise so handsomely)

- L.M. 4-24-2007 12:41 am

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