can people

- sally mckay 4-20-2007 8:43 am

- L.M. 4-20-2007 9:34 am

great image
- r.E.c. (guest) 4-20-2007 5:54 pm

thanks! Me and GVB have "seeing face disease." So does Kristin Lucas, but her strain is more refined.
- sally mckay 4-20-2007 6:19 pm

That's not a disease. Things do have faces. For example, cars look like their owners. Everyone knows that.
- L.M. 4-20-2007 6:52 pm

Did you mean to delete the picture or were the pull tabs threatening litigation?
- L.M. 4-25-2007 6:21 am

oops. replacing picture now...
- sally mckay 4-25-2007 6:51 am

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