Sunday Devotionals

I really gave a lot of thought to whom we should worship this Sunday. I can't choose between the best Country & Western war song ever written:

or the most amazing television show ever, from an Atlanta public access station:

This brought to mind Daniel Barrow who's ongoing project, Winnipeg Babysitter, a compilation of public access TV from Winnipeg accompanied by an overhead projector performance, is a work so stellar that it should be shown to all the crowned heads of Europe (ideally during glittering palace banquets).

- L.M. 4-22-2007 11:59 pm

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- J@simpleposie (guest) 4-23-2007 5:37 am

both are special....
- mister anchovy (guest) 4-23-2007 6:50 am

It should be pointed out that Alexyss Tylor is imparting this information to her mother, and I think if I had a similar chat with my mom, she would listen with great interest. I mean, who wouldn't?

I love her.

- L.M. 4-23-2007 7:55 am

It should also be pointed out that in Winnipeg Babysitter, two of the hosts of the Survival show, were the filmmaker Guy Maddin and Kyle McCullough, currently a writer for South Park. Occasionally real survivalists would call in and enthuse over their hidden weapons cache. (scaring the hell out of the hosts).

I love Daniel Barrow too.
- L.M. 4-23-2007 8:03 am

"they have takin’ the same concept of the rabbit jumpin’ from here to there… the design of it… it jump all up on the clitoris"

transcript and more clips
- mark 4-23-2007 8:42 am

Thanks mark, I've been searching for a transcript all week.

Other glorious subjects from her video library include "Sperm Agenda" and "Dick'll Make You Slap Somebody!".

That woman is giving away everybody's secrets.

- L.M. 4-23-2007 8:57 am

Alexyss' rant is one of the best things I've ever seen. That's her MOM?! weeeird. Although it gives a little context for the bizarre ending.
- sally mckay 4-24-2007 6:08 am

She's hilarious and beautiful.

As much as I love the first video and its spot-on parody of County & Western super hot sexy patriotism, I am more interested and compelled by the fact that Alexyss is not a comedy act.
- L.M. 4-24-2007 7:07 am

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