Standing Wave #3 2007 Digital C-Print, 50" x 74"

Standing Wave #10 2007 Digital C-Print, 50" x 74"

Andrew Wright: Water's Edge opens at Peak Gallery, 23 Morrow Ave. Toronto
on Thursday May 2, 4 to 8 pm.

I recently posted images of Andrew's previous work.

- L.M. 5-03-2007 7:55 pm

Waves at night! These look great. For some reason they remind of David Hoffos. Hoffos' piece in the current Projections show (Justine M. Barnicke Gallery) is a must-see. It's got waves at night too, and the best use of monitor static in art I've ever seen. No spoilers.
- sally mckay 5-03-2007 8:13 pm

Holy shit. These jpegs did not prepare me for this show. (went to the opening earlier this evening)



- L.M. 5-04-2007 5:42 am

this work is really strong, even the jpegs, visually seductive
- anthony (guest) 5-04-2007 9:27 am

I stood 3 inches away from each one in a goofy state of awe. He has a technical virtuosity that expands his work instead of defining it. (the details are downright radiant)

- L.M. 5-04-2007 10:25 am

thinking about them a bit, im kind of reminded of northern romanticism, rosenblaums essay...
- anonymous (guest) 5-05-2007 4:20 am

- tom moody 5-05-2007 4:22 am

no worries 'anonymous'. We get all kinds of spelling here.
- sally mckay 5-05-2007 7:56 am

anon was me, and tom moody was correcting my spelling...i should do that myself
- anthony (guest) 5-05-2007 9:43 am

I thought that was you. Weird spelling on this blog is okay by me, so long as its decipherable.
- sally mckay 5-05-2007 5:09 pm

On the other hand, I will torment you, but inconsistently, you'll always be walking on spelling eggshells, spiralling into a vortex of spelling self blame.

Your natural and healthy joyful spelling behaviours (funny spelling, spontaneous spelling) may be reduced or even eliminated. Every spelling mistake will cause the floor to lose its stability and crumble, letting you fall into chaos.

Even if you do spell everything correctly, you will never achieve any sense of equilibrium because I'll cahnge the rules.

See! Did it already. CAHNGE. (*until further notice.) I am so drunk with power.

- L.M. 5-07-2007 5:27 am

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