Happy Victoria Day, Dear Little Blog People!!!!


"Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert first took an interest in chloroform in 1848. However, her physicians had grave reservations about the safety of obstetric anaesthesia. Victoria's seventh delivery, Arthur, Duke of Connaught (1850-1942), took place in 1850 without the aid of an anaesthetic.

The Queen's senior physician, Sir James Clark ("a walking medical calamity"), was especially dubious about the innovation and its low-born users. However, The Prince Consort was remarkably well-informed about anaesthesia and pain-relief. In early April 1853, Prince Albert first summoned its leading English practitioner for an interview at Buckingham Palace. Four days later, on 7th April 1853, the man who made "the art of anaesthesia a science", Dr John Snow, administered chloroform for the birth of Prince Leopold. Snow did so again for the birth of Princess Beatrice in 1857.

"Her Majesty is a model patient", declared Dr Snow. He refused to disclose any more details despite many importunate inquiries from the Queen's loyal subjects."


The only things more wonderful than a Queen or Horse painting by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (who was able to paint with both hands at the same time, for example, paint a horse's head with the right and its tail with the left, simultaneously..)


...are the doggies.


I'm comfortable categorizing that last Landseer as a dog since the lion's head was obviously plonked onto the body of a Golden Lab [you may discuss this subject amongst yourselves]


- L.M. 5-21-2007 11:30 am

the lion reminds me of the stubbs kangaroo, cook sent stubbs a kangroo corpus and asked him to paint it, he did the whole charnel house rude mechanichals thing he did with the horses, but put it in the exact same landscape as his horses, etc. So you have this slightly off exotic beast in the midst of the moors. anyways, the lion is like that (is there a word for this kind of painting?)
- anthony (guest) 5-21-2007 5:23 pm
(also who did the elk)
- here it is (guest) 5-21-2007 5:27 pm

The only way I've heard this stuff described is Victorian, or Royal Academy, Landseer was inducted at the age of 30, probably because his stuff was so popular.

The elk is a Landseer as well, titled Monarch of the Glen.

- L.M. 5-21-2007 6:48 pm

Here's the Stubbs 'roo.


Unfortunately Cook failed to send Australia to Stubbs. But he really got Canada, don't you think?


Just checked my dates (I knew he wasn't Victorian) and Stubbs joined the newly formed Royal Academy in 1775.

Did dogs too.


(I'll save the brilliant Lincolnshire Ox for a later posting on cattle paintings, I love all this formal pastoral shit)
- L.M. 5-21-2007 7:39 pm

its bovine painting
- bill 5-21-2007 7:51 pm

Oh bill, you and your crazy modern art!

I mean it just requires way too much theory to understand it:

This group of bovine portraits are an allegoric treatment of a family - this Cow family bears no relationship to the Cows of the ancient times in the area of Kilkenny, Eire. Their family motto was "Yet our mind is unchanged".

And how do you even know that they are hung right side up? Yeeeeesh!
- L.M. 5-21-2007 7:58 pm

oh i dont think that stubbs is victorian, but the non western animals in european landscapes, i meant
- anthony (guest) 5-21-2007 10:19 pm

That was me who had Victoria on the brain.

I'm not sure what it's called, other than the God Given Prerogative of the British Empire to imagine the colonies growing to resemble England, due to administrative order, higher education, cricket, gin, sodomy, opium, slavery and [aarggg ...chloroform ...sleepy....]
- L.M. 5-21-2007 11:12 pm

The picture of the 2 dogs (the original of course) looking out the doghouse door would make a perfect birthday gift. And the "golden lab" has a much thicker tail. (you may verify with the pcitures on my fridge)
- GMoboLM (guest) 5-23-2007 12:40 am

At a recent auction of what Christie's called second rate Victorian paintings, a Landseer went for 1.3 million.

So sorry bro, can't afford the doggy painting or even a dog poster, so I will get you this nice poster of a cute kitty. (unless of course I forget your birthday again)

- L.M. 5-23-2007 1:38 am

isnt andrew lloyd webber collecting landseer? and all of that overly moneyed country rights people, like Bowles son?
- anthony (guest) 5-24-2007 6:28 am

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