A few minutes of sweet geometry from Anthony Easton's blog.
Phillip Glass on Sesame Street from 1971:

- L.M. 12-11-2007 8:56 pm

Between that and all the Bugs Bunny we watched, is it any wonder that my generation is so cool? I pity all the baby boomers with their howdy doody, if they even *had* TV, and those young kids who had to watch Care Bears, and are now all crack heads.
- rob (guest) 12-11-2007 11:08 pm

the beauty of math, the math of beauty --- an early precursor to the amazing fractals (and music) to follow as the information (computer) age advanced ......

e.g. http://www.fractal-recursions.com

- the Bru (guest) 12-12-2007 8:31 am

This one always creeped me out for some reason. probably why i never did well in math.
- mnobody (guest) 12-13-2007 9:06 pm

Mr. Nobody counts to ten:

I'll have to upload some of the weird obsessive counting games I made in the 90's for kids. Sick little bastards loved them. (but we sold our software in Europe because Europeans are insensitive)
- L.M. 12-13-2007 9:12 pm

I can see why it creeped you out! Who IS that guy with the rubbery face? Should we be leaving our math-challenged children alone with him?
- M.Jean 12-13-2007 9:53 pm

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