Joester's Top Ten "Research" Hits
Mr. Nobody, you have totally inspired me! I've had a copy of the camper guy rant for years on my "found footage" DVD, and it's always a show stopper. That tape also has a great spring break video with the phrase "you are the worst fucking shitter-bonger in the history of fucking shitter-bongers". I too have been time wasting on you tube but I am going to use it in my art so I get to call it "research". So here's what I have learned doing "research".

10. suburban white kid moowalking around the kitchen

9. "You won't fall over!"

8. Blurry and beautiful moonwalker

7. just asking for it

6. Soccer fan moonwalk victory dance with long dark section at the end so the song finishes.

5. Contains the phrase "doin' sweet tricks on a Segway"

4. Number one Segway accident video. I suggest downloading it (figure it out yourself) and looping it endlessly.

3. Best how to moonwalk video ever. No question. You will actually learn how to moonwalk.

2. Great time wasting flash game

1. THE CAKE IS A LIE, and the Weighted Companion Cube.

- sally mckay 12-19-2007 5:04 pm

Joester, I can't find any link to your own moonwalk video.

also...what's with all the socks? You don't see Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk in socks.

- sally mckay 12-19-2007 5:11 pm

I'm going to teach people live in a performance. Maybe it'll work its way online after. As for the socks, mike has special moonwalk shoes. socks are as close as we can get.
- joester (guest) 12-19-2007 8:46 pm

you call it "research", I call my scrabble-playing on Facebook "networking"...
- theKitster (guest) 12-21-2007 9:55 pm

oh absolutely! Although "research" is also tax deductible.
- joester (guest) 12-22-2007 2:18 am

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