Eric Glavin's Top Ten List

#1 Mike Kelley Petting Zoo installation at Skulptur Projekte Münster:


#2 Geoffrey Farmer The Puppet Kit (Personality Workshop) at Le Biennale de Montréal:


#3 Snap Judgements at The National Gallery, Ottawa.

#4 Fiona Banner: The Bastard Word at The Power Plant, Toronto:


#5 Carlo Cesta International House of Sunshine at Diaz:


#6 Jon Sasaki : Wishing For Three More Wishes at Gallery TPW. Toronto:


#7 Hito Steyerl's film Lovely Andrea at Documenta, Kassel:


#8 Nestor Krüger at Goodwater, Toronto:


#9 Film Fort at Art Gallery of Mississauga.

#10 BGL at Diaz:

- L.M. 12-20-2007 8:15 pm

The studded dog from BGL was pretty compelling - to me anyway, Bat-boy wasn't fazed in the slightest because it didn't smell.
- L.M. 12-21-2007 1:47 am

that dog is great and uber-creepy. I wasn't wowed by Mike Kelly's petting zoo. I thought the Lot's wife salt lick was a nice idea but it was all overblown by the video component. cute goats though.
- sally mckay 12-21-2007 5:25 am

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