Image courtesy of Kate Wilson

- L.M. 12-23-2007 1:11 am

Ha! Check out how that thing is wired. Gotta love the extension cord.
- Belle Barth (guest) 12-24-2007 5:51 am

nice sign!

Happy Christmas!
- mister anchovy (guest) 12-25-2007 12:15 am

i recently saw a truck parked in our rapidly gentrifying neighborhood with the sign "condo-sized christmas trees" is that wierd? i can't tell anymore...
- r.E.C. (guest) 12-25-2007 7:50 pm

Calls for a sign in Fly Gallery's window: CONDO-SIZED ART.

Is that marketing genius? I can't tell anymore...
- L.M. 12-25-2007 8:14 pm

merry xmas all
- anthony (guest) 12-25-2007 8:44 pm

The final word before we close this Xmas season. (I know, I should have posted this yesterday, but I don't have cable anymore, and it turns out that the youtube versions are so much better.)

- L.M. 12-26-2007 8:30 pm

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