They tried to make me go to grad school, but I said:




- L.M. 3-03-2008 10:29 am

haw. I know I know those last few posts were pretty dry. Give me some time and I'll spin a mimesis/mirror-neuron narrative that'll knock yer socks off.

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- sally mckay 3-03-2008 6:14 pm

My orchestra played a concert yesterday, and I was looking at the whole mimesis thing in that context, thanks to Sally's posts. I have two 80-year-old guys on either side of me who have vision problems, so they were watching me to see that they came in at the right time. I was watching the first chair of the section. She was watching the concert master. I talked to the percussionist afterwards, and she said that even though she was playing primarily with the brass, she was taking her inspiration from the cellos. And then of course there's the conductor. The actual physical movements we were all making, to activate sounds, were totally unlike his, but what we were doing was still imitative. And community? Yesiree.
- M.Jean 3-03-2008 6:34 pm

Of course, Sally, you know I've been coiled in anticipation, waiting for a particularly big nerdstorm from you before I struck.


- L.M. 3-03-2008 8:07 pm

Oops. (I think this one has more rigour.)


- L.M. 3-03-2008 9:50 pm

I thought it was pretty nice of York to allow Sally to switch majors to a joint particle physics / neurophysiology degree.
- joester (guest) 3-03-2008 10:44 pm

Aren't you Master of something, joester?

Master joester. (accusatory italics)

If she eventually becomes Doctor Sally, we are so fucked.
- L.M. 3-03-2008 10:57 pm

Har! There was a time I thought seriously of grad school, but I'm way too far into crusty middle-aged farthood to even consider such a thing.
- mister anchovy (guest) 3-04-2008 1:33 am

I thought you'd like that one mr anchovy. It was Carlo Cesta's joke that I stole. Lisa Neighbour is doing an MFA and he started singing it last week when someone asked him if he had one.
- L.M. 3-04-2008 3:15 am

I was boring people with mimesis long before grad school.
- sally mckay 3-04-2008 5:07 am

I've got a science-esque performance that 's yet to go online, and you're spurring me on.
- joester (guest) 3-04-2008 7:52 am

get spurred! do it. I'm going to be talking about mimesis and mirror neurons at dorkbot soonish - details TBA.
- sally mckay 3-04-2008 5:31 pm


- joester (guest) 3-10-2008 3:05 am

Very interesting Joester. I do remember hearing about it, but I thought it was only a couple of years ago. I am amazed to hear it was 1996. I found it very interesting at the time, then thoroughly lost track of it... and I thought it was the moon, oops.
- galenagalaxian 3-11-2008 6:07 am

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