SACRED curated by Patrick Macaulay, at Harbourfront Centre opens this Friday, March 7, from 6 to 10 pm.

Both Jennifer McMackon and Lorna Mills (myself) are participating in this show as part of the 21st annual Images Festival.


Jennifer McMackon 2008 Mansions Flip Book


- L.M. 3-05-2008 8:48 am

Today during installation, where as usual I really wasn't doing anything, Deirdre Logue happened to notice that all the artists that Patrick Macaulay curated were women, so if you have an issue with that just go hang out at Clint Ronisch Roenisch Gallery, he would never have that problem.

- L.M. 3-05-2008 8:51 am

And change that stupid sign.


- L.M. 3-05-2008 9:02 am

Thanks to all that showed up tonight in that fucking blizzard. Sandra Rechico made a point of telling me that the weather was vile and she was only there to prove she loved me.

(thanks I did feel loved even though I cranked on for four and a half hours about how I hate standing around at openings, ungracious jerk that I am)

Jennifer's piece was stellar. (I was appalling) (but we sort of knew that going in, and really, Patrick, I just try to make work to raises questions about your curatorial standards)

Finally the preparators at Harbourfront are so amazing, thoughtful, adorable and everything else that is superlative.

- L.M. 3-08-2008 7:21 am

Great piece, Lorna! Cheesie as cheetos on a bear-skin rug.

- sally mckay 3-08-2008 8:26 pm

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