- L.M. 4-29-2008 6:04 am

I'm going all in. (I saw his cards, eh.)
- joester (guest) 4-29-2008 8:00 am

Come to think of it, I can't remember one occasion where my (much-exploited-for-art) extended family actually ever played Poker. Because, of course, Poker would make us cool, ...nope, they play Three Spot (Kaiser) obsessively, it's a bad habit we picked up from the Ukrainians.


Just found this image on wikipedia, it's like they were at my grandma's house. (I'm feeling so violated) (unless it was uploaded by one of my 10,000 cousins)
- L.M. 4-29-2008 8:15 am

I love this one.
- sally mckay 4-29-2008 6:44 pm

it makes me want to film my mother and father playing hours of canasta. (have we talked about the prarie implications of canasta vs kaiser?)
- anthony (guest) 4-30-2008 9:34 am

No we haven't. Can Saskatchewan go to war with Alberta over this? I can raise an army of wheat board lovin' lefties to vanquish the fascist threat from our western border.
- L.M. 4-30-2008 10:51 am

today was so shitty, i would let Saskatchewan win.
- anthony (guest) 5-01-2008 8:53 am

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