Sunday Devotionals


For the past five decades Jack T Chick has been writing comics about damnation. In
the pocket-sized tracts, people are stabbed, burned alive, and eaten by snakes. There
is cannibalism and human sacrifice. The apocalyptic works are equal parts hate
literature and fire-and-brimstone sermonising, with a tough-guy Christ - "Jesus is not a
weak fairy," he writes - as protagonist. Chick, a fundamentalist Christian and president
of a California-based publishing company, wants his books to scare the hell out of you.
The publishing house that Jack Chick built still exists. (the next question would be why I am so surprised that it does




(Hey Anthony! shout-out.)




And my personal favourite: Are Roman Catholics Christians?


Here's a Chick parody site and there's an on-line Jack Chick Museum.

- L.M. 5-05-2008 2:54 am

Nice post- i love this guys stuff! Some of the art for his stories is pretty good too. Yesterday I spent reading his stories while listening to the music of Anton LaVay. A perfect Sunday, i think...
- r.e.c. (guest) 5-06-2008 1:05 am

Ha! I thought of you r.e.c., when I posted this. (I can see you joining their stable of cartoonists) (no I can't) (I can see you being smote cursed and damned by their stable of cartoonists)

These things were all over the place when I was a kid, as I was explaining to someone today, being in the catholic school system, I was used to religious indoctrination but those pamphlets were so over the top that we all treated them exactly as comics. .
- L.M. 5-06-2008 1:16 am

this awesome Jack Chick movie was just on boing boing the other day...
- sally mckay 5-06-2008 3:11 am

So we are now in sync with boing boing, which reminds me of a brilliant putdown that I read in an artfagcity post.
- L.M. 5-06-2008 4:06 am

i had an essay that i wrote about the gay blade that i was going to submit to a show about tracts at a museum in baltimore, my essay was a close reading, with an analysis of the text panel by panel, i was hoping to have it printed my text on one side, and chick's on the either.

they turned it down because the curator didn't want to be sued by jack chick and didn't think it would pass fair use. Which i understand, but it would be have been a high point of my career if that lawsuit came to pass.

(in all seriousness, i think chick is a great writer, adn a better artist, and it maintains my thesis that the only subversive element left in current culture, the only one that hs not been absorbed, is arch conserative xian.

- anthony (guest) 5-06-2008 5:52 am

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