Joester wrote a nice review of Grand Theft Auto 4. A snippet:
SPOILER: yes you can steal a helicopter and of course you can crash it into the Statue of Liberty (Statue of Happiness). But if you do it right you end up on a higher platform that you can't reach from the tourist entrance. Go through a secret door and you're inside the statue itself. Climb the staircase to the top and what's there? A giant beating heart. Yup, you heard me. It's suspended in the middle of the statue from chains. Right up there with the weirdest things in a video game ever. Shooting it (and who would do such a thing) has no effect, it just keeps on beating. Be careful trying to blow it up with a grenade, it's a real easy way to die. How do you get down from the statue? Well, unless there's a hidden parachute somewhere, you don't exactly survive the experience.

- sally mckay 5-10-2008 5:00 pm

another take on GTA IV

- mark 5-13-2008 2:26 am

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