Bill Burns ... sardonic, suave and smart as whip. He has a nice show on right now at Michael Klein's gallery on Ossington called Some Dogs and Boats and Airplanes.

bill burns doggie

The show ends on Saturday, so drop by this week if you want to see it. There are a couple of really funny letter-writing projects. I don't want to give spoilers, so take my word for it, but here's a hint, there's some fun for those of us who love to hate Fantino and some more fun for people who are sick to death of yogurt yogurt everywhere yogurt as if yogurt was the answer to all of life's ills. Also a funny watercolour treat for Toronto artists who have been snubbed by Toronto curators. And, of course, a lot of very cute doggies.

- sally mckay 6-19-2008 3:28 pm

Thanks for reminding me that its still on for a few days. I love his work.
- L.M. 6-19-2008 5:08 pm

Back in May Anthony Easton posted a great spoof ad he found about yogurt.
- sally mckay 6-19-2008 5:24 pm

that is a really fantastic show, btw
- anthony (guest) 6-19-2008 7:00 pm

I personally love activia, pear flavoured yogurt...even if it is some sort of mind control.
- J@simpleposie (guest) 6-19-2008 8:07 pm

Bill Burns does watercolours and they are hilarious. Go see the show.

(and I am relieved that he is under the psychiatric care of the eminent Dr. Jeanne Randolph)
- L.M. 6-20-2008 5:40 am

You are so right... this show rocks. His statement that "yogurt is a sophisticated food" and he is intrigued about "how a dog might eat a food so sophisticated" (my paraphrasing) is so great. Also the letter from "Mrs.. Burns" to Fantino. Fantastic.

- leah sandals (guest) 6-20-2008 9:50 pm

Yeah, what they all said. Go see it.
- rob (guest) 6-21-2008 4:10 pm

A few other previous Bill Burns links from this blog (so that you know our devotion to all things Bill Burns): Safety Gear for Small Animals in Safe: Design Takes On Risk at Museum of Modern Art in New York and his Guantanamo case.

- L.M. 6-21-2008 5:00 pm

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