- L.M. 8-13-2008 7:58 am

For fucking Harper and his fucking government.
- L.M. 8-13-2008 9:37 am

- sally mckay 8-13-2008 2:33 pm

the animation reminds me of

- joester (guest) 8-14-2008 5:47 am

I thought of that too. same artist?
- sally mckay 8-14-2008 5:55 am

I have the love_your_job.gif but it's sort of like a Cathy cartoon to me. (all things being relative, I seem to look at a lot of sick shit that I would never re-post.)
- L.M. 8-14-2008 6:20 am

Here's another gifted stick man artist.

- L.M. 8-14-2008 6:27 am

Then there are the very superior Russian stickmen artists.


- L.M. 8-14-2008 6:37 am

The French never quite get it right, (like their pop music) but interesting anyway.


- L.M. 8-14-2008 6:39 am

wow. "Fly-fucker, do you need assistance?"
- sally mckay 8-14-2008 7:08 am

- sally mckay 8-14-2008 1:49 pm

Now THIS should be an Olympic sport.
- jmassier (guest) 8-15-2008 9:42 pm

You are right, John, think of the funding opportunities for Vancouver in 2010! They say that when one door closes another door opens, so fuck the arts funding.

(also see that brilliant list from the Onion of new Olympic sports that included Greco-Roman Fucking and Men's Free-Style Website Design.)
- L.M. 8-15-2008 11:15 pm

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