beast growing

This in from Rob Cruickshank. The object is a dollar store toy called Beast Growing.

See Rob perform tonight with Little Oak Animal (link has video) at the
Oct 16 2008, 8pm
the Renaissance Café
1938 Danforth Ave Toronto.

- sally mckay 10-16-2008 2:35 pm

Little Oak Animal was great last night. Dafydd Hughes is a good sound artist, mixing up field recordings with computer generated sounds and filters to create a really gentle zoney audio environment. Rob shows slides and a bit of super 8, and he creates great effects by simply fading the images in and out on top of each other using his hands and pieces of cardboard to interfere with the projections. The result is a live improv that's got lots of performative tension, but these guys are good, and they've worked together for awhile, so it flows and meshes really well.

I'm interested in the way Rob uses older, mechanical technology in these works, but creates a flow of images that are in dialogue with digital media. There's a bit of a live projection phenonmenon going on, Daniel Barrow being a prime example. Rob was telling me last night about a group of youngsters doing projects with overheads. I think there is some kind of direct relation between the proliferation of online image threads and this kind of live work that mines and chews on older tech to create really satisfying, contemporary feeling spectacles.
- sally mckay 10-17-2008 5:49 pm

- Ben (guest) 10-27-2013 7:42 am

- Ben (guest) 10-27-2013 7:42 am

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