Tino - The Most of 2008 Selections

The Most Emotionally Powerful
Luminato - Regent Park Paste-ups by Fauxreel
According to Fauxreel, "The buildings of Regent Park are in the process of being torn down and rebuilt, so the idea is supposed to make the residents literally become part of the physical landscape, challenge some of the pre-conceived notions that other Torontonian's have of these people and stoke the discussion surrounding the displacement of some of Regent Park's residents as they are kicked out of their homes for this re-build…"

board of regents
Photo by Richelle Forsey (Torontoist)

The Most Peace-loving
Yoko Ono Imagine Peace
"When I was going to the Buddhist temple and would see all these beautiful white flowers in the bushes," she explains. "In the temple itself you could buy these tiny slips of paper, which said you'd received good health or money or whatever. This was a very old tradition. I liked the idea but I wanted (to make the good-fortune message) in your own handwriting."

The Most Poignant
The Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill / Banksy (New York)
"New Yorkers don't care about art, they care about pets. So I'm exhibiting them instead."


The Most Local
Michael Brown - Urban Canoe Trip / Arcadia Gallery
A 10-day peformance crossing Toronto from West to East by Canoe

urban canoe

The Most Clever
Postcards - Sandy Plotnikoff / Eflux (Utrecht)
http://www.e-flux.com/shows/view/5335 (Utrecht)


The Most Practical
Actions: what you can do for the city: Foamy Velour - Sarah Ross
Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal

foamy velour

The Most Earth-Friendly
Elinor Whidden / Creative Activism, Toronto Free Gallery
"This Project is titled Steel Belted Snowshoes. I have fashioned a pair of giant snowshoes made from shredded tires gleaned from the side of the roadways. Then I will be wearing these snowshoes while walking in the Alberta wilderness documenting through video and photographic mediums. I would like to create a dialogue that epitomizes the image of 'The Western Frontier.'"

The Rocky Mountains is a perfect site to continue her exploration of finding a way to survive and readapt in a society that is increasingly threatened by contemporary car-culture.


The Most Biting
Rafael Sica (Brasil)
"Using a very expressive drawing, Sica frequently gives his subjetcs an existentialist treatment, but in a very caustic way. The most interesting, though, is the fact that his strips are always impressive experiments in form." (Image Making Machine)


The Best Attitude
Specter / Fauxreel / City Renewal Project
"That came about because I had an opportunity to use this warehouse that was being demolished to turn in to turn in to condos. My friend who had a lease on the space was having issues with her landlord so she was just like, 'go crazy, do what you want with it'. Since condos were going to be built there, I felt that it was important that the project had some relation to transformation. Urban condo development often alters the neighborhoods they are put up in. It was a bit of a reactionary piece, but we weren't trying to be very heavy-handed with it. There are many layers to it. It's not just 'condo developments are bad.' We understand that people need places to live and if that there is space in the city that isn't being used, they have the right to do that with it."

However, we'd like to see some of these spaces revitalized and integrated in to the existing communities, rather than being eyesores, or having nothing to do with the architecture or surrounding neighborhood. Unfortunately, our city (Toronto) doesn't have a design committee, so developers go wild and miss the point of what makes neighborhoods thrive. They push out the small mom and pop shops, the artists and local character. Rather than being political and heavy handed, we wanted to make fascinating work with humor involved. And who knows, maybe after seeing one of the spaces you might think 'that reminds me of this store that was by my house when I was a kid and they turned it into a Starbucks!'

The Most Inspiring
Man on Wire - Documentary
"A look at tightrope walker Philippe Petit's daring, but illegal, high-wire routine performed between New York City's World Trade Center's twin towers in 1974, what some consider, 'the artistic crime of the century.'"

What a beautiful documentary filled with madness, vision and genius. Jaw-dropping and deeply inspiring. Incredibly he filmed everything from the idea to the execution.

man on wire

- sally mckay 12-29-2008 3:59 am

Whidden's project is really great Tino, I'm really glad you mentioned it. Same with the Yoko Ono piece and the Regent Park pasteups--the City Renewal project wasn't as impressive to me, but he obviously has chops. And I can't believe I haven't seen Man on Wire yet. What is wrong with me? Hopefully I will fix this soon.
- Leah Sandals (guest) 12-29-2008 11:51 pm

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