Did anyone else get one of these in their email? I sent back one of the crabbiest emails I have ever written.


my response:I am very concerned that you have set up a Luminato profile for me, NOT at my request, and without my permission. I sincerely hope that the profile is not visible to anyone before it has been activated, and if it is I must insist that you remove it immediately. An invitation to participate on your site would be one thing, but this assumption that I would want to spend my time promoting Luminato online is overly presumptuous and, frankly, disrespectful.

their response:Sorry for the misunderstanding. Your profile will not be live on the site unless you activate it. We've just created a blank template with your name to help get you started, if you decide to participate. You can use your page to tell your friends which events you are interested in attending this year in your own words but of course we don't assume that everyone would necessarily want to spend their time doing so.

- sally mckay 5-14-2009 2:33 pm

I wonder if there is an easy way to de-activate if you inadvertently activated it. (aside from my usual method of typing COCKSUCKERS over and over again. Which may be one of the many reasons this site is blocked in the UAE) Even if there is a way, my method is always more fun.

So everyone, take my advice.

(wouldn't it have been awesome if they had included a picture of you!)

- L.M. 5-14-2009 4:17 pm


You must have done something in the past to deserve that. Just saying.

- L.M. 5-14-2009 4:19 pm

that is a good question. Because I am associated with a blog (that L.M. does all the posts on)?
- sally mckay 5-14-2009 7:01 pm

i want to be a valued insider
- anthony (guest) 5-14-2009 7:12 pm

Inside what?
- sally mckay 5-14-2009 7:52 pm

the corridors of power, or matt damons anus, which ever comes first.
- anthony (guest) 5-15-2009 2:39 am

both those options sound more intriguing than inside luminato
- sally mckay 5-15-2009 5:18 am

Dear Anthony,
Thank you for your proposal for the 2009 Luminato Box! We were very pleased with
your proposal and you made it to our short list of candidates for exhibition. We regret
to inform you that you have not been selected for exhibition; however we will keep
your submission on file as a reserve and will be in touch with you if an opening in the
Luminato Box becomes available should another artist be unable to participate.
We wish you every success in your future career and hope that you will keep an eye
out for upcoming opportunities with Luminato. Thank you for the interest you have
shown through your submission

they cant be bad guys, they wish me every sucess
- anthony (guest) 5-15-2009 7:34 am

The Luminato box!? sounds a bit limiting to me. somehow it made me think of this video.
- mnobody (guest) 5-19-2009 2:58 pm

ha ha... anus.
- bunny (guest) 6-16-2009 1:21 am

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