Sarah Milroy can really nail it and make me laugh, from her review of the Montreal Biennial (which I haven't seen this year, but have loved so much in the past):

"One room, organized by Montreal artist Melissa Mongiat, is filled with bits of paper stuck to the wall, scribbled on by gallery visitors invited to share their best compliment ever, some good news, a word of advice, and the like. The work is called The Good Conspiracy , and aims to “transfuse the city with positive energy,” but contributions are sadly bland: “I'm Pregnant.” “Eat carrots.” “Be Yourself.” The problem with public interface is that the public may – how to put this delicately – underperform."

- L.M. 5-27-2009 8:03 am

come on! "Eat carrots" is excellent advice.
- sally mckay 5-27-2009 5:39 pm

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