Douglas Walker at Nicholas Metivier Gallery, 451 King Street West, Toronto ON. May 28 to June 20, 2009

Opening: Thursday, May 28, 6:00 to 8:00pm

A-499 ‘M.O.T. building, Parkdale Avenue’ (International Style series) 2009 oil on panel, 43 x 31 inches

- L.M. 5-28-2009 3:33 am

this work is so good, i saw it today,
the colours are all 19th century porcleain, like willow ware, with tiny cracks, and so shiny, at first i thot they were enamel or tempera,so immaculate were the surfaces, and so precise were the flaws in the surface, like chiho aoshima but with a profound understanding of anglo-american aesthetic history (both decorative and fine) that i wanted all of the international seires.

[edited to delete an annecdote of personal rejection by gallery staff. This isn't your revenge blog, it's my revenge blog. I decide who gets insulted - L.M.]
- anthony (guest) 5-30-2009 1:02 am

That's just stupidly beautiful. Good grief.
- John Massier (guest) 6-03-2009 8:01 pm

I didn't intend it as revenge. It is a legitmate complaint, and it sort of irks me to have it deleted.

- anthony (guest) 6-04-2009 2:20 am

We shall have a private talk.
- L.M. 6-04-2009 2:43 am

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