- sally mckay 5-29-2009 2:29 pm

That about sums it up.
My Californian friends are sad I'm leaving and keep offering the weather as a reason to stay. There is an obvious argument to this line of reasoning. "We live on several major faults and at any moment we could all be swallowed up by the earth and killed - other than that the weather is great!" However, this would be like bringing a gun to a knife fight. While the cumulative effect of the "but the weather" argument ranks an 11, each instance is about a 4 making the "you could die at any moment" rebuttal disproportionate. So I say "I like the snow" and they get all smug (how could someone possibly like the snow?) and I have to let them think they've won. When in reality each day I'm here makes the chances for the BIG ONE go up exponentially - a lose lose for the both of us.
In fact I'm moving (if I live that long) to the safest place on the continent. Further east than the tornadoes, further north than the hurricanes.
- joester (guest) 5-31-2009 5:52 pm

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