Luke Painter - Flash Animations

screen shot from Malibu

screen shot from Windsor

screen shot from Babel

- L.M. 9-21-2009 5:43 am

I just watched the animations - wow - I am both very jealous and excited about what he is doing. Hmmmm, maybe I should revisit the possibilities of Flash...
- C.R. (guest) 9-22-2009 4:23 am

Flash is a nice animation tool and you can output to animated gifs and video as well. (thought the gifs can be huge and defeat their purpose)

I knew Painter's other work, but Beth Stuart turned me on to the animations.
- L.M. 9-22-2009 5:16 am

I have seen these. They're fantastic.
- sally mckay 9-22-2009 4:01 pm

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