Fastwürms - Skry-Pod 2009 Nuit blanche in the Sheraton Center Waterfall gardens

Beth Stuart and R.M. Vaughan reading tarot with their iPods on the second floor of the waterfall gardens

The next day Richard mentioned that if he had given me a tarot reading he would have told me to listen to people when they talk to me and blah blah blah (he does go on) something something pay attention blah blah blah.

More Nuit Blanche stuff from Leah Sandals

- L.M. 10-07-2009 5:38 am

Note two things:
* My alarming "No, really, I'm intrigued by you!" smile. I look like Pamela Wallen.
* Beside me, looking beyond adorable in her Jean Seberg tam, is the lovely and talented Amber Landgraff.

ps -- Lorna, I would never tell you to start listening to people, because I envy your social-information-free bubble.

- RMV (guest) 10-07-2009 2:38 pm

Oh well, I vaguely recall that you did say something or other about something.
- L.M. 10-07-2009 8:08 pm

The Würms looked so good through the darkened glass downstairs. Those two know their staging.
- sally mckay 10-07-2009 10:12 pm

I didn't use my flash downstairs. Kim is always gorgeous but I wanted Dai to look pretty for once.
- L.M. 10-07-2009 10:26 pm

I did fortune telling all night for the 1st nuit blanche. I was supposed to be an ART fortune teller, doing a performance about technology as a human automaton. But of course all that ironic distancing went out the window immediately when I opened the curtain on my little booth and saw the endless long lineup of eager frightened faces waiting for their real fortunes (except for LM's face which was configured in such as way to make me break out of character). It was kind of a nightmare. Luckily I had a whole pile of fortunes all written out ahead of time on little slips of paper like in cookies and I just handed them to people (after staring at them for awhile and trying to freak them out).
- sally mckay 10-07-2009 11:27 pm

RMV = Pamela Wallen?

(VB via SM)?
- sally mckay 10-07-2009 11:48 pm

Yes, RMV = Pamela Wallen. Yes, yes, yes, yes.
I want my fucking Senate seat!!
- RMV (guest) 10-09-2009 3:27 pm

if you get one, will you take me for lunch
- anthony (guest) 10-09-2009 9:39 pm

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