Josh Thorpe in Empire of Dreams, Phenomenology of the built environment, Contemporary Artists from Toronto at the MOCCA, 952 Queen Street W., Toronto. Until Aug. 15, 2010.

Curated By David Liss.


Subtractive Mural for MOCCA (after Asher and Huyghe) 2010 layers of latex paint removed to reveal historical wall colours 2005-2008



- L.M. 7-05-2010 5:23 am

My favourite piece in the show!
- anonymous (guest) 7-06-2010 11:41 pm

I liked these ones a lot as well. The whole show is very good, one of the best I've seen at the MOCCA in a long time. I'll be posting more images from other artists in the next week or two.
- L.M. 7-07-2010 1:22 am

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