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Andrew J. Paterson is a personal friend, a friend of this blog, and one of the most interesting digital media/video/performance artists around. He's performing live tonight at the opening of his exhibition The Ghosts of Home Entertainment at Trinity Square Video. There is also an artist's talk on the 23rd. Show runs until March 19 (details here).

Andrew's work is intellectually demanding. No wait, it's not. It's perceptually stimulating. Oh, no it's kind of boring, people droning on and on. No that's not right, because the scripts are brilliant, funny, caustic, and specifically situated in the context of all-too-familiar art world conversations. With insights. And it's eye candy. And also often sort of psychedelic. Kitsch! No, those ironic media tropes and quotes are actually expressing 100% heart-on-the-sleeve honest-to-goodness love of the medium. Tropes and quotes? Yeah, but those images and that footage are at least 99.9% original. And besides, did I mention how physiologically transfixing it can be? Uh... yup. And also there's historical references, and implications of socio-political networks in which the artist inhabits alternative structures of economy and trade. And loyalty and complicity, cattiness, gossip, sex, loss and love. And did I mention the pretty pictures? Art history -- digital media aesthetics didn't just drop out of the sky, you know. Oh I forgot. Really good dance music. Original music. After all, the guy is an experienced musician and a performer.

- sally mckay 2-17-2011 11:06 am

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