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(I like this page)

- L.M. 4-01-2011 1:41 pm

greetings fellow tribalist
dialect of clicks, whistles - exchange of wampum
- tom moody 4-02-2011 5:23 pm

(still trying to think of a polite response to will's salvo)
- tom moody 4-02-2011 5:25 pm

FYI. On this week's episode of the drunk tank podcast the Red vs. Blue machinima guys have a nice little discussion about animated gifs (evolving from a discussion of Friday gifs):
Joel: Any subject matter that you can turn into gifs...that's great. I think all music videos should be gifs.

Burny: We make a lot of video for the internet, we do lots of different content for the internet. But to me, animated gifs, or jpegs with the white text on them, that is the medium of the internet. That would not have existed in any other format.

Joel: yup. Let's say you saw Lord of the Rings and you were like, naw that sucked, I'm not into that, that's terrible. But now you have those gifs, and that justifies the whole movie, the whole budget, everything.

Matt: If they sold animated gifs in a box set, and I went to Best Buy and there was like the Lord of the Rings in an animated gif box set, I would have a tough time, man. Cause those animated gifs for the Lord of the Rings are the best thing ever.

Burny: You like them more than the original.

Matt: I do, I do.

Gus: Well I heard J.R.R. Tolkein was originally going to animate gifs to tell his story, but the technology wasn't caught up at the time.

Burny: Exactly. He needed William Gibson to come along and invent the internet.

- sally mckay 4-02-2011 9:57 pm

So true.
Speaking of Friday
- tom moody 4-02-2011 10:33 pm

dump Friday
- tom moody 4-03-2011 4:43 am

Sally, you said anyone would know that "art happens here" clip art was a quaint artifact (sorry I'm paraphrasing). The problem is the designer of the website thinks it is fantastically relevant and means for it to color how all the other work is received. He even says we should be thankful for this precedent because it gives weight to our otherwise marginal and unprofitable practices.
- tom moody 4-08-2011 3:19 pm

I've been following the thread on AFC that you are referring to and mostly staying out of it on purpose. I think the discussion is way too polarized, past the point of having much critical value. Not interested in assuming a defensive position with regard to my art practice, and equally not interested in making critical observations that are likely to be interpreted as personal attacks on other people's practice. There's lots to say about GIFs, but I don't want to say any of it in this particular polemic context.
- sally mckay 4-08-2011 3:33 pm

I agree it's polarized but could have used your support. Sometimes when your work is being read through others', aggressively, bend-and-submit-to-my-will-like, you have to speak up even if it means criticizing the work that is being used as a frame. I spoke up, I didn't bend, and now I am a "pole." (Or the internet word that rhymes with pole.)
- tom moody 4-08-2011 3:54 pm

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