Sheroes #9: Dolly Parton at The Beaver, 1192 Queen Street W., Toronto. Thursday April 26, 2012. 10PM.

Featuring gifs by The Light Crust Dough Boys & Girls:

Emilie Gervais, Oz Melo, Emilio Gomariz, Absis Minas, Anthony Antonellis, Daniel Rehn, Giselle Zatonyl, Sarah Weis, Georges Jacotey, Chiara Passa, Andrew Benson, Yoshi Sodeoka, a bill miller, Alex McLeod, sally mckay, Isaac Hicks, Jennifer Chan, Manuel Fernández, gaby cepeda, Helen Adamidou, Haruko Hirukawa, Juan Manuel Morales, Grace McEvoy, eva papamargariti, Francoise Gamma, Rea McNamara, Lorna Mills, Rollin Leonard and Tony Halmos

Promo gif by Lorna Mills & Rollin Leonard (nails by Smack of the Hand )

- L.M. 4-25-2012 6:54 am

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