Opening Saturday, Jan. 27, 6 to 10. My solo show The Great Code at Transfer Gallery, 1030 metropolitan Ave., Brookly NY.

- L.M. 1-26-2018 10:56 am

Hi, L.M.,

Your show began one day before mine ended! I will go see it. (I wondered why Kelani never sent me show announcements and then realized she assumes everyone is in Zuckerworld at this point).

You may have noticed that Sally's article about animated GIFs has gone dark. I guess when something is called "eflux" you have to be prepared. I re-posted the article here. The publisher, Art & Education, still exists; I emailed them but haven't heard back. Please let me know if you know of any other "mirror" locations (including an alternate URL where Art & Education might have parked it.

Best of luck with your show,


- tom moody 1-31-2018 8:15 am

I should have checked the Wayback Machine -- they have the article, via a different URL than the one where it originally appeared. The Internet Archive's copy is here.

- tom moody 1-31-2018 8:21 am

Art & Education emailed me back, claiming they haven't hosted papers on the site in five years and referred me to the Internet Archive. I said I didn't think it had been that long and they replied:

"When we renewed our webste in July 2017, all the old links that did not correspond to current content on the site became nonfunctional. But we delisted Papers from our site in 2012. The unlisted links might still have been functional but were not directly accessible from our menu."

[edited after posting]

- tom moody 1-31-2018 5:54 pm

yeah, I had recently emailed them about the dead link too and got the same reply. I'll ask Sally to repost the whole essay here.
- L.M. 1-31-2018 11:06 pm

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