In DTLA at the end of 2022:
Unsigned is a conceptual collaborative action that directly responds to a finding by Dr. Helen Gorrill, researcher and author of Women Can’t Paint, that the addition of a signature by a woman on an artwork devalues it to the extent that “female artists are more likely to leave their work unsigned.” Unsigned is a collection of “100 signatures from women and non-binary artists created to reverse the current negative value of the signatures through their transformation into artworks themselves.”

It's the brainchild of a brilliant conceptual artist Duo named Operator and Anika Meier.. The signatures were gathered, minted and sold.  Curated by Operator and Anika Meier
short version: Me, Fuck Yeah

- L.M. 1-21-2023 4:36 pm

Good tag!

- bill 1-22-2023 11:05 am

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