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lawrence owl book

"According to a Reuters report from Bejing in June 1995, an Owl in the province of Jiangxi became attracted by color televison programs that it first saw throught the open window of farmer Zhang Liuyou's home."

A book by R.D. Lawrence: 'Owls, The Silent Fliers'.

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owl cat cheezbrgr

I can has Cheezburger is the venerable ancestral home of the original LOLcats.
(via RC).

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A Halloween treat:

owls and cowell

A groovy electropop video of (contemporary media figure resembling Simon Cowell) who is tormented by Owls, from
Weebl's Stuff.

"Owls, everyone is fond of Owls,
Except for mice and shrews,
And Simon Cowell's..."


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von foerster owl

'o rubor sanguinis', a painting by
Madeline Von Foerster.

Advertisement for "The Long Black Veil," a vampire club.
Featured in The Society of Illustrators 43rd annual exhibition and book.
Translation of text: "O the redness of the blood; sweetest of all desired delights."

The Owl Pages)

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halloween owl

Vintage Halloween Diecut Owl

from Flickr dinosaursandrobots pool.
posted by
(via RC)

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The Owl Pages is ten years old.

Owl Pages banner

OwlPages.com was first uploaded on October 26th, 1998. The site was conceived of and created by Deane P. Lewis".

An impressive resource. All images subject to copyright.

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ninox stenua DPL
Powerful Owl Ninox strenua, Brisbane, Australia. Photo by Deane P. Lewis.

ninox boobook DPL
Juvenile Boobook Owl, Hervey Bay, QLD. Photo by Deane P. Lewis & Debbie Lewis.

tyto multi DPL
Lesser Sooty Owl Sequence, Julaten, North Queensland. Photo by Deane P. Lewis.

Deane tattoo
Deane's Barn Owl Tattoo.

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OVVLvverk maintains a very strict policy of minimal commentary on our posts, which we relax somewhat whenever we feel like it.

We wish to thank the keeper of the owls in our particular Amsterdam Zoo, Ms.Sally McKay, and our special Oberluftenant, L.M., and her little dog too. OVVLvverk's parent blog is sally mckay and L.M. jepic is like our parent.

Rob C. is our spiritual godfather, an inspiration to us all. His blog,
The Endless Parade of Excellence, is exactly 1 thousand years old.

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Digital Media Tree, an extremely excellent server.

Our style is an openly acknowledged rip-off/homage to an exquisite image-based Contemporary-Art blog,
VVORK. Look at it.

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Mark Frauenfelder of BoingBoing has encouraged us.

OVVLvverk makes extensive use of Wikipedia and Flickr.

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owl minerva coin euro owl

OVVLvverk's very first image was the Silver Athenian tetradrachm coin, posted October 17/18 2007 .

This ancient design was adapted for the modern Greek 1 Euro coin.

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robert bateman

Robert Bateman, Burrowing Owl. Image from North Coast Cafe

This image appeared on October 16 2007 on sally mckay and L.M., with a discussion thread which led to the creation of OVVLvverk.

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