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Sunday - Charo

Love Will Keep Us Together

excerpt from Bolero

The Ketchup Song

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Dan Graham Pavilions:
A Guide
By Josh Thorpe


Toronto Book Launch with Dan Graham at Art Metropole, 788 King St. W., Toronto

Sunday October 4, 2009
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

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Nuit blanche Saturday Night: As with the past three years running, no matter what you go see, at the other end of town is an artwork that everyone else saw except you and on Sunday they won't shut the fuck up about how brilliant it was because in addition to the most transcendant art experience in the universe, they also got free chocolate, money and hand jobs.

In Zone B, Fastwürms with R.M. Vaughan, Beth Stuart and a cast of hundreds more (In Capes!) reading tarot at the Sheraton

Earl Miller has also curated an exhibition with works by:

Lisa Neighbour (Kops Records, 229 Queen St. West and Get Outside, 437 Queen St. West)


Daniel Borins and Jennifer Marman (Pages, 256 Queen Street West)

pages.gif ,

Anne Fauteux (Cartel, 498 Queen St. West), Kerri Reid (Pull, 435 Queen St. West), and Kathryn Walter (Fashion Crimes, 322 1/2 Queen St. West).

(Or stay home with a bag of potato chips.)

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Laura Kikauka: For the Love of Gaud (Damien's Worst). At MKG127 until October 10.

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