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BORING. PEOPLE. LOVE. DRILLS. with Michael DeForge, Drazen Kozjan, Mark Laliberte, Aaron Linton, Victor Rom„o, Fiona Smyth and Magda Trzaski at LE Gallery, 1183 Dundas St. W., Toronto. Until March 28th, 2010

Smyth_2_sm.jpgSmyth_3_sm.jpg Fiona Smyth - The Contingency Group 2010 Pen and ink wash. 9Ē x 12Ē

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10 more days to make a submission to the Art & Science Fair...

too cool gif

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day-glo house_1.jpg
day-glo house_2.jpg

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Sunday - Emmylou Harris

For No One


Those Memories w/Dolly Parton & Linda Ronstadt

Here There And Everywhere

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Katie Bethune-Leamen: Dazzle Shizzle at MKG127, 127 Ossington Ave., Toronto, ON. Until March 13, 2010.

Really Itís A Lot Bigger, A Lot Heavier, And A Lot Darker 2010 mixed media on extruded styrofoam, Plexiglas

Gouzenko Hood #3, Version 2 and Gouzenko Hood #11: (Itís A Thing Covered By A Thing That Thereby Becomes Another Thing) 2009-10 cast aluminum, glow in the dark plinth, LED

Gouzenko Hood #8 and Gouzenko Hood #3, Version 1: (Itís A Thing Covered By A Thing That Thereby Becomes Another Thing) 2009-10 cast aluminum, glow in the dark plinth, LED

ghostie-3 25.jpg
Study for The Office of Dead Slang 2010 still from digital video

For those of you not obsessed with the Cold War, Igor Gouzenko, a cipher clerk for the Russian Embassy in Ottawa, defected in 1945 with top secret documents that exposed a major Soviet espionage ring operating in the west. Below is a short 1966 clip from This Hour has Seven Days:

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Alex Delany

Walking Crowd


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Jay Isaac - The Zone of No Ideas at Paul Petro Contemporary Art, 980 Queen St West Toronto,ON. Until March 27, 2010


Details from four different paintings by Jay Isaac, butted up against each other without any regard for the artist's intentions: ...internet

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Recent Blingees commissioned by Kim Fullerton for Akimbo's Art Stars Banner


She found this one disturbing for some reason.

This one's so minimal, it's like the Donald Judd of Blingees.

Normally I couldn't be bothered with an art commission from the private sector, since my mediocre practice is heavily subsidized with government funding. (For the record, I only really need about $70,000.00 of my yearly Canada council grant for expenses, and the remaining $50,000.00 is spent on blow which I like to think keeps me from being complacent)

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