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found with the file names solphist1.jpg and solphist3.jpg

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found with the file names homonclus1.jpg and homonclus2.jpg

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What do you like better, Thought Bus or Cat Bus?

Thought Bus
excerpts from Mockingbird by Walter Tevis (1980)
"...nervous and excited now, [I] spoke aloud to the door. "Open," I said. And it opened! I got in and seated myself in the front seat, and set my tool box by me. Then I concentrated and thought: Take me out of the Mall and to the front of the obelisk. I pictured the place in front of the obelisk in my mind, just to make sure. And immediately the bus closed its door and began to roll.


My God! I thought. I think I know where this voice [in my head] is coming from. "But who are you?" I said.

"I am this bus. I am a Metallic Intelligence, with Kind Feelings."

"And you can read my mind?"

"Yes. But not very deeply. It disturbs you a little."

"Yes," I said aloud. My voice sounded strange.

"But it's not too bad. It's not as bad as being lonely." It was reading my mind. I tried to think to it, silently. Are you ever lonely?

"I don't mind if you talk aloud. No, I'm never lonely the way you humans are. I am always in touch, somewhere. We are a network and I am a part of it. We are not like you. Only a Make Nine is like you, alone. I have the mind of a Four, and am telepathic."

The voice in my head was soothing to me. "Would you make a light come on a dim one?" I said. A bulb overhead began to glow softly. I looked down at my hands, at my dirty fingernails. Then I rolled up my sleeves. For some reason I was enjoying looking at my arms, at the fine, light hairs on them. "Are you as intelligent as [the cat] Biff?" I said.

"By all means," the voice said. "Biff is really stupid in most ways. It's just that she's very real is very much a cat and that makes her seem intelligent to you. I can read her whole mind at a glance, and there's very little there. But she feels good. She would not want to be anything other than a cat."

"And I don't feel good?"

"Most of the time you are sad and lonely. Or yearning."

"Yes," I said mournfully. "I am sad. I yearn a lot."

"And now you know it," the voice said.

Cat Bus
excerpt from My Neighbour Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki (1988)


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1) No. I don't have anything better to do with my time.

2) not quite sure why Justin Bieber is in the blingee, except that he's a hot property right now.

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Sunday - Black Leather (courtesy of R.M.V.)

Black Leather theme song from These are the Damned

Theatre trailer for These are the Damned directed by Joseph Losey

- L.M. 6-13-2010 7:20 am [link] [add a comment]

Ed Pien and Samonie Toonoo - Scream at Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle. Toronto.
Curated by Nancy Campbell. Until August 24, 2010.



Ed Pien ink on paper (assorted installation details)



Samonie Toonoo

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