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email from Lisa Pereira


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email from MJean (photo by Kristin Lucas)


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Paul Weller!

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Jennifer Chan at Widget Art Gallery

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Steve Reich
Close your eyes and hum along.

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The only list we are publishing this year by renowned God-Botherer Anthony Easton anthony_sm.jpg:

Top Aesthetic Things of 2012

1) Seeing the Gran Fury posters in their proper context, in the documentary United in Anger

2) At the Same Time, the Ted Kerr curated photos at the clga, with Zach Ayoltte, Quinford and Scout and others. Melancholy, solitude, togetherness, and erotic power, like being caught by a Joni Mitchell song at her most bleak.

3)Others. the mosaics at the back of the oratory, and (4) how sexy the centurions looked on the hand carved stations of the cross , and a (5) big blow up of the magazine cover for the house journal from 1972, where jesus and groovy cult leader kind of mesh.

6. Audry Wells schematics of churches, where they were and what they are now, as an example of Montrealís secularism.

7. Mercer Unionís tiny back room Diane Arbus show, with the cut outs of journals and the monolithic piles of magazines she appeared in.

8-9) How weirdly voyeuristic the show about swimming pools in LA photography was, at least from the catalog, which was a big glossy coffee table. (and speaking of LA, how they figured out how to photograph those Ken Price sculptures in his retrospective.)

10) the abruptly ending lines, pastel tones, and acres of burlap colored raw canvas in Gorgia Griffiaís canvases from the 70s.

11) Mickalene Thomasí complete decimation of bad taste, good taste, good bad taste, and taste in general/

12) Luke Bryan singing hip hop live in concert, but only from the midwest, and only on Youtube.

13) How Nick Lachey made an accidental Jack Peirson Self Portrait.

14) How this photo of the Jean Nouvel carousel in the middle of Sandy makes me wonder if modernism is finally dead.

15) The 10 models of big rig trucks you could assemble at this warehouse near Snowdon.

16) The two 16th century paintings of the destruction of sodom on a small side wall of a smaller ante chamber in the museum of Beaux Arts in Montreal.

17) Also in that museum, this giant Dutch still life with a monkey stealing fruit on the side

18) The memes of the monkey in ikea

19-21) the 50s style motels on the edges of Montreal on the bus, and by extension, wondering what is in Cornwall Ontario

22) The dessicated heart of St. Andre and the 50s era, natural history style dioramas surrounding it

23) The Vogue Themed Bar Mitzvah

24) Jessica Campbellís painting of a floor, a perfect example of the difficulties that occur when abstraction and representation collapse into each other, and by difficulties, i mean pure pleasures.

25) The deconstruction of 70s style utopias, found in Martin Beck show and presentation at the Concordia artís center--including the best conceptual riff on brutalism you will ever see.

26) Romney, so weary, pumping his own gas.

27) Sharon Stones nipples as an example of life pushing against death.

28) That weird druggy scene in Magic Mike, or the cowboy scene, take yr pic

29) These photos by Kelly Hofer, a hutterite, of hutterites, and the implications of identity, collectivism, and what exactly will get you kicked off the farm.

30) These photos illustrating a story about an Autistic kid who got lost, as a reminder of spectrum kids and what happens to them.

31) Lynn Cohenís installation at the Design Exchange. All about the blankness of power not being quite blank, or the implications of violence, or something (mostly i envy her eye for detail and her skills at access)

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Da Zep; an adolescent religion for youth in the 70's:

The Song Remains the Same


Whole Lotta Love

Stairway to Heaven

No Quarter

Communication Breakdown

- VB 12-30-2012 5:39 pm [link] [3 comments]