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although the film reads sweetly natural bordering on naive, i suspect the (spoiler alert) victorious ending was in place from the start with the emotional ups and downs leading up merely allowed to play out. that is, its all a tactical career intervention by the films producer/director (hollywood insider and original uk uber-fan) sacha gervasi. thus a career resurrected an injustice corrected. for instance: the rock star interviews, the lawyer in prauge, the influential japanese fan, the record producer signing on (for a fee) and finally the huge show in japan all results of the director making key phone calls. "hey, its sacha gervasi. i'm doing a documentary on anvil ...blah, blah, blah and we really need you on board." still, its a worthwhile film and a good watch (you laugh, you cringe, you cry). and its nice to see an injustice, if not fully corrected, at least nudged in the right direction. a quick check of their website indicates two festival bookings in the next couple of months. ImI ImI

- bill 8-06-2010 2:13 pm

m/ m/

the heavy metal emocon devil horns fingers should flair. but for some html reason the backslash's disappear and only leaves the m and forward slash posted. so i switched in "I"s. rock on.
- bill 8-06-2010 3:31 pm [add a comment]

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