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Camp Dormitory No. 1
Address: Old Easton Rd. at Tohickon Creek
HABS code: PA-6207-A (WASO)
SECONDARY NAMES: (No. assigned WASO 6-20-96 Brian C.)
ASSOCIATED NAMES: Kahn,Louis I.,architect
NOTES: HABS/HAER: 1996 Peterson Prize.
DOCUMENTATION: Drawings: 6 Photos: 8 Photo Caption pages: 1, drawings,
Written data
Location: HABS/HAER

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"According to newspaper articles, in March 1927, a 65-acre portion of Tohickon Park that included the Orr house and the Stover house was sold to the Workmen’s Circle School Camp Hofnung, Inc of Philadelphia for $18,000. It was used as a summer school camp, Camp Hofnung. My version is that this took place on October of 1926 for a price of $7,200, and the parcel size was 71 acres, based on the recorded deeds. In any case, Workmen’s Circle, also known as the Arbeiter Ring, was a Jewish culture organization founded in 1892. It was officially a socialist worker’s organization, though its activities were mostly social in nature – picnics, camps, cultural education, etc. The group ceased operations in 1973. Camp Hofnung was owned by Workmen’s Circle from 1927 – 1967. Several camp buildings were erected, and the infirmary and one of the dormitories are recorded in The Philadelphia Architects and Buildings Project, having been designed by Louis I. Kahn. The shed currently on the property of the Orr House is believed to be the last of the camp buildings remaining, and probably served as a bathhouse."
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