The Boomerang or Skylark Formica pattern by Brooks Stevens in 1950 and updated by Raymond Loewy in 1954

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As the generations marched forward in time, Skylark became brighter and more stylized. In celebration of Formica Corporation's 75th anniversary, Formica brought back the pattern in 1988 in 80s punk colors and renamed it Boomerang. In 1997, the collection was dropped from the laminate collection. By 2000, the company began to see an increase in requests for Boomerang through its Web site as the trend in home restorations boomed. Today, Formica has updated the classic once again to reflect a global preference for graphic modern and retro influences.

Contrary to the 1988 re-launch, the new 2005 Boomerang collection was styled using original Skylark colors from the 50s but incorporates modern printing techniques. Colors include Skylark, a light, powdery blue; Aqua, a trendy spa-like water color; Coral, a rich retro red; and Charcoal, a warm gray with contrasting tones of white and black. All of the new designs feature the same classic boomerang-shaped designs that captured consumers' hearts in the 1950s, when happy kitchen colors, playful patio parties, charcoal grilled steaks and tinkling martini glasses were the order of the day.
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