Greetings from Last Wave Originals! Fall is finally here and with it comes the surf many of us have been waiting for. Right around the corner looms Christmas and this is the perfect time to take advantage of LWO's Fall 15% Off Event! Until September 30th, any order placed with Last Wave over $50 will receive 15% off! Now is the perfect opportunity to pick out a few Christmas presents for family or friends, plus grab something for yourself!

When placing your order, simply enter offshore15, that's the word "offshore" and the number "15" all together, no quotes, all lower case. It goes in the "Coupon Code" field when you get ready to check out on our shopping cart. This offer is good for 15% off on ALL merchandise ordered by the 30th of September. What could be sweeter?

- bill 9-14-2010 1:24 pm

in case you forgot or missed the clark foam story... its pretty toxic.
- bill 9-14-2010 3:51 pm [add a comment]

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