ARNE JACOBSEN A. MICHELSEN (Denmark) Stainless steel flatware set for eight, each setting with four spoons, two forks, two knives, together with a salad fork and spoon, and three other serving forks Stamped A. Michelsen Stainless Denmark"

rago modern auction oct 2, 3

- bill 9-14-2010 6:33 pm

what do you think stuff costs to be shipped to portland??
i like these (and i think our place is in need of a danish lovefest)
- Skinny 9-15-2010 6:20 pm [add a comment]

i can get it to you here for a nominal fee. are you shipping some furniture there later all at once? portland may have some cool retro shops too. steve? in steves sister storage even...

but agreed, danish modern rocks the love vibe.

- bill 9-15-2010 6:43 pm [add a comment]

Guess we could shop before we go and store...thanks
- Skinny 9-15-2010 9:58 pm [add a comment]

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