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nice fake calder mobile in slide show frame # 2/7

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Lawrence Weiner's house and studio

via chuck n fb
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metal and wood cube tables at canvas

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early coca-cola recipe gone viral

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they're called grawlixes mother fuckers

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This month, eight families from the Lafitte public housing development trundled their belongings into brand-new apartments in an instant neighborhood dubbed Faubourg Lafitte, erected on the site of the demolished brick complex in the 6th Ward.
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flora grubb gardens going vertical

more vertical gardens
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Silver Lake’s Reservoir Of Black Balls Makes National Geographic

the current this old house build alerted me to this odd practice.
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via reference library
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you winsome your lose some.

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electric rat rod

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so-cal e-rod

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Au revoir Janette Laverrière

use value
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G: An Avant-Garde Journal of Art, Architecture, Design, and Film, 1923-1926

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roseto pa house and garage $159.9k 5,076 sf

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1949 Buick Roadmaster Sedanette

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feldenkrais method

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kubrick boxes

via vz
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When Ken Bradshaw caught the largest wave ever surfed, in 1998, he was riding on pure, single-minded passion. But that same quality—plus a deep antipathy to hype—has put him at odds with the increasingly crowded, commercialized world of big-wave surfing. On Oahu’s famed North Shore, the author learns about the 58-year-old maverick’s record-breaking encounter with 85 feet of “Condition Black” water, the battles he still fights, and his unlikely friendship with the publicity-loving Mark Foo, who was killed on a wave he “stole” from Bradshaw.

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Prints from Basil Besler's Hortus Eystettensis [1613]

via antiques road show / wikipedia entry
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teen a go go / fort worth tx '60s teen scene documentary

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farmhouse modern

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live edge table, metal legs

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