had a quick tour of WD50, when finished there will be a hugh kitchen area w/skylight!!, groovey room, fireplace, big table in a downstairs wine cellar (which i tried to book for new years eve:>)...COOL RTR
- Skinny 8-24-2002 8:26 pm

there is a story in this weeks Time Out on Mr. W. and the WD50....
- Skinny 8-29-2002 4:21 pm [add a comment]

and again in New York Mag, last night I tasted a few dishes that may make the menu--YUMMY DELUXE
- Skinny 9-04-2002 10:06 pm [add a comment]

Anyone know when WD50 is scheduled to open, or where to call for reservations?
- anonymous (guest) 10-21-2002 4:53 pm [add a comment]

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