got crabs?

- bill 7-12-2009 1:21 pm

off to Baltimore Tuesday for my annual evening before a very important work event the next day, and its always wine focused (the crazy wine list at Delle Notte or better chow at Charleston with super list) so this year I threw out the idea of it being crab focused....

the work event the next day always ends with crabs {from where??, eatin at a high end detailed spot north of Balti, that knows fisherman so the owner sez}, and yes we have done BBQ a few happy times but the wine the wine the wine the wine.....

received this email to that regard from a very trusted food and science person when I asked the "the place in baltimore";
"Crabs in the Chesapeake are tricky—the north half of the bay is dead from too much fertilizer runoff. So they are mostly importing the crabs from NC. Haussners is the old place, but I think it’s closed."

SUD CRAB at origin it looks like, and yes Haussners closed a decade ago
- Skinny 7-13-2009 4:33 am [add a comment]

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