Miss NYC? Russ and daughters delivers fe overnight. We just got this.
- bill 3-31-2012 2:58 pm

miss subways.
- bill 3-31-2012 3:07 pm [add a comment]

You mean feh?
- steve 3-31-2012 4:53 pm [add a comment]

No fedex. It's hard to get decent salmon in pa.
- bill 3-31-2012 5:32 pm [add a comment]

pastrami next.
- dave 3-31-2012 6:18 pm [add a comment]

send a salami to your boy in the army
- steve 4-01-2012 6:22 am [add a comment]

no mustard, no piece!
- dave 4-01-2012 6:27 am [add a comment]

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