Had a nice meal at Batard, the new Nieporent venture in the old Montrachet space. Less fussy, and less over worked, than the Corton incarnation. But in the same ball park. I give it pretty high marks, but I wonder what the critics will think. Or, rather, I just think they won't like it much. Not sure why, since the food is very good. There's just nothing "now" about it. But I mean that as a criticism of the critics as much as of the restaurant.

- jim 6-05-2014 1:50 am

this review has pix and menu.
- dave 6-05-2014 2:03 am [add a comment]

I'm happy to read that review. It fits with what I thought of the restaurant, if not what I feared from the reviewers.
- jim 6-05-2014 4:13 am [add a comment]

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