SO SAD:<((


Joe Dougherty, a great friend and a great lover of wine and wine-makers, passed away Friday night. He was the most generous of souls, with his time, his energy, his wine, his friendship and his wonderful smile. "Dinner for 30 winemakers? Let's do it at my place," he'd say, and the most wonderful party would ensue. Joe Dougherty was a brilliant bio-chemist who knew more about the physical properties of wine than just about anyone, and his writing about wine was among the most thoughtful, humorous and perceptive in the world. His collection contained gems like 1921 Huet Vouvray, which he shared with great pleasure, but he showed equal enthusiasm for the Muscadets, Touraines, Beaujolais and Rhone wines of his wine-maker friends. He possessed great appreciation and knowledge of German and Austrian wines and many of the top wine-makers in California were his friends as well. He was a great contributor to the world of wine but it was his generosity, warmth and friendship that we will miss the most. He shared his knowledge freely, gave sage advice, brightened our days and nights with his humour and brought sincere affection to so many. We raise a glass to Joe Dougherty "to remember in joy."

His friend Eric Texier offers these thoughts: "And now let's plant a chenin vineyard somewhere in Vouvray. A clos SFJoe. This project starts today. All energies are welcome. For building walls, planting, pruning and, in a few years, harvesting and drinking. Pour se souvenir dans la joie. Merci pour tout Joe!

- Skinny 9-02-2014 5:54 am

This is so sad. What a great guy. 

- jim 9-02-2014 4:13 pm [add a comment]

Wine Disorder thread. He was so loved.
- jim 9-02-2014 4:31 pm [add a comment]

Oh man....sad indeed...I remember him..Sat next to or near a couple of times...Generous? Ill say, Totally open to whoever was near..Proof was that he keep talking to me in spite of my endless knucklehead wine observations and questions.... sdb
- steve db 9-02-2014 10:52 pm [add a comment]

Farewell from Louis/Dressner. It's not getting any easier. I only knew him a little bit, but it is such a tough one for me. Joe was seriously on the side of good. And everyone else who met him immediately knew the same thing.
- jim 9-03-2014 1:07 am [add a comment]

i love what jules wrote.
- linda 9-03-2014 3:10 am [add a comment]

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