breadmaking 101

- dave 10-15-2014 11:24 pm

You bake the bread, I'll make the stew
- mb 10-16-2014 2:32 am [add a comment]

Lamb shank, beef daube, pork pazole, braised brisket, pot eu feu, Coq au vin, tripe, duck confit, it's getting cold need I say more.......
- mb 10-16-2014 2:39 am [add a comment]

deal. dont be confused though, i brand all my breads with a giant 'b'.

oh, and ixnay on the ipetray, ils'AY ousvay aitplay.

- dave 10-16-2014 3:11 am [add a comment]

GIANT D!!!!!
- Skinny 10-16-2014 3:40 am [add a comment]

Good news Dave. What are you doing for an oven?
- bill 10-16-2014 4:48 pm [add a comment]

  • it wasnt until just now that i realized i was a holocaust joke denier.
    - dave 10-16-2014 6:51 pm [add a comment]

ez bake oven
- linda 10-16-2014 5:34 pm [add a comment]

  • too labor intensive but i love the backsplash.
    - dave 10-16-2014 6:58 pm [add a comment]

went to maison kayser on broadway just below the flatiron building today for the first time. just finished off the chocolate almond croissant which was delish.
- dave 10-25-2014 1:43 am [add a comment]

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