Does anybody have an opinion on what brand of coconut water I should be drinking? Recently fell into loving the stuff but not sure if there are differences between brands.

- jim 11-17-2014 5:47 pm

i generally go with cocolibre or vitacoco but if you want a healthier choice and are willing to pay more i see that harmless harvest around at a number of places. heres one persons opinion of comparative quality.

they seem pretty light on nutritive value beyond a dusting of minerals so i dont know if fretting over heat pasteurization is that pertinent but what do i know.
- dave 11-17-2014 7:28 pm [add a comment]

Get raw, in refigerated section. Harmless harvest is good.
- linda 11-17-2014 9:35 pm [add a comment]

Raw only IMHO Harmless Harvest is maybe easier but here is the grand cru to some foodies looks like its easy to find in Tribeca

- Skinny 11-17-2014 9:59 pm [add a comment]

Serious thanks to everyone. This thread makes me oddly conscious of how lucky I am to be connected to you all.
- jim 11-18-2014 5:12 am [add a comment]

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