Is there a category of food called "resort food"? Seems like there ought to be. I've had questionable dining experiences at/near resorts in Kuaii, Costa Rica, Monterey, Tahoe. They seem to have a few things in common:

- very bland flavor profile, to avoid offending the palate of mid-America

- pointlessly long list of ingredients -- to impress?

- rich, calorie-laden preparation and/or large portions

- painfully inauthentic, Examples paella that's not paella, cuban sandwich that's not a cuban sandwich, fish taco that's not a proper fish taco, shrimp and grits with barely recognizible grits, tempura that looks like the fish from a really crappy preparation of fish 'n chips

The intent seems to be making food for that won't offend and will impress people who don't know much about food. With some places, there's the exra layer of not giving a shit because no one is going to be a repeat customer anyway.

- mark 7-09-2015 4:32 pm

Ate at Evan's in S. Lake Tahoe. Old house. Ten tables.

Some of the food was elaborate. But nothing was overwrought with pointless ingredients. The sauces were simple and clean. Meat had a good sear, and had the right temp in the center. (Venison chops, beef filet.) Veggies were fresh, bright green and cooked just enough. (Asparagus.) Salad was thoroughly but gently tossed, as if each leaf had vinegarette painted on by hand. Not a bruised green in sight.


- mark 7-11-2015 2:32 am [add a comment]

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